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I will also tell you my own story about building, destroying, rebuilding, tuning (megasquirt) and upgrading my own AE82 holding a 4AGTE 16v engine.


Frontcut Arrived! - EP71ST

21.10.08 -

By: Navi

We finally got to pick it up!

More Parts Arrived! - EP71ST

14.10.08 -

By: Navi

Garage, Parts, FTE Frontcut!

New Parts Arrived! - EP71ST

11.09.08 -

By: Navi

It's time to start a new project!

New Car! - Fiesta ST

31.08.08 -

By: Navi

Just a little note about my latest addition :)

Turbokit for sale on eBay!

10.05.08 -

By: Navi

The complete 4AGTE Turbokit is for sale on eBay!

It was sold May 18, 2008 for 1075 USD to flatv located in the USA!

Stage 1 Turbo Tuning - Part 1

08.11.07 -

By: Navi

Part 1 of Stage 1 Turbo Tuning, this part covers on how to control the boost level and shows a way to build your own adjustable actuator.

Stories Wanted!

02.11.07 -

By: Navi

Do you feel you have a good story or guide on Toyota modifications? Come in here, drop me a line and it might just make it online!

Lightweight Flywheel - Do or Don't?

02.11.07 -

By: Navi

A story about using a lightweight flywheel and a uprated clutch in my AE82FX with a 4AGE 16v engine.

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